Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the dates of The Big Install program?
    The Big Install runs from June 15,2021 – June 30,2022.
  2. What kind of rewards can I earn?
    We’re giving out rewards like Van Wraps, Dealer showroom upgrade, vacations, apple products, sports events, and more! See the rewards page for a full list of rewards.
  3. How do I register for The Big Install?
    Starting June 15,2021 go to to opt-in.
  4. How do I redeem my rewards?
    Reward redemption begins August 8, 2022 and ends September 14, 2022. Reward redemption begins at 10,000 points.
  5. When will I receive my rewards?
    All rewards will be fulfilled within six to eight weeks after the completion of the online redemption period. In order to receive your rewards, you must complete and send your W9 to OR by fax to 516-365-5250 Attn: The Big Install Fulfillment Team.
  6. How do I earn points?
    You earn points for buying products in your eligible categories. You and your company will earn one point for every dollar spent in your eligible categories.
  7. How are my eligible categories determined?
    Your eligible categories are based on your shopping history. We want you to try a variety of new products and different product categories. Our customized profiles help determine which categories will net you the most points, so you’ll stay competitive throughout the program.
  8. Why can’t I earn The Big Install points on my past Snap One purchases?
    You begin earning The Big Install points the day you register. We recommend registering early to take full advantage of the program’s benefits!
  9. Who can participate in The Big Install?
    Active Snap One, Control4, Pakedge, Triad, Canadian Dealers who buy direct (excluding Quebec and purchases made through Staub) and dealers who shop at our local facilities and have registered for a The Big Install account are eligible to participate.
  10. I purchased eligible products. Why aren’t my points showing up?
    After you purchase products from your eligible categories, it can take up to five (5) days for your points to show up on your dashboard on the The Big Install website.
  11. I had points deducted from my overall total. What happened?
    If you recently returned an item, any rewards points earned from that order got subtracted from your total once we processed your return. If your return was due to an error on our end, like a defective product, those points will not be deducted from your total. Your current points tally should be reflected accurately on your account page and in your next The Big Install update email.
  12. I redeemed a reward and my remaining points disappeared. What happened?
    Any points lower than our lowest reward threshold cannot be saved or carried over. For example, if you have 21,000 points and you redeem a 20,000 reward, the remaining 1,000 points are forfeited.
  13. I want to redeem my points for Snap One product credit. Which brands can I shop for?
    You can redeem your points for everything on our website, except for the following brands: Altronix, Arlington, Atlona, August, Autonomic, BenQ, Clare, ClareVision, ClearOne, Cleerline, Control4 Panels & Controllers, Control4 Lighting, Cool Components, DoorBird, FSR, FX Luminaire, KEF, Klipsch, Logitech, LSDI, Lutron, MetaGeek, Nest, Parasound,Pioneer, Planet Waves, Platinum Tools, Pro Control, Sonos, SunBrite TV, SureCall, Yale, Yamaha and Wirepath Bulk Wire.
  14. If I update my business email during the The Big Install program, when will I start receiving emails at that new address, and when can I log into again?
    It may take up to five business days to update an email address. Since your email is also your username, it may even take up to five business days to be able to check your points using the new email address. Note, this change will need to be communicated to the Big Install team so we can update your contact information.
  15. Why am I getting an “incorrect email” error message when registering at The Big Install?
    You may have registered multiple emails with Snap One and/or Controll4 over time. If you’ve added users or changed emails, we may be referencing an outdated email address that’s in your account information. Please email us at to update your account’s email address.
  16. Where can I find my account number?
    If you cannot find your account number, check your Snap One or Control4 invoice for your account information, or call our Customer Care Team at 866.424.4489.
    You must be a confirmed Snap One, Control4, Pakedge, Triad, or dealer who shops locally to have an account number.
  17. I am a Canadian partner. Are my points in USD or CAD?
    The points will be calculated by converting the CAD spend to USD in the program.
  18. What if I have additional questions?
    If you have additional questions, please review the Terms & Conditions for all information applicable to the program. For any questions not addressed there, please email us at